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Photo by Josh Cobos

Photo by Joshua Cobos

"Infusing a mix of 90’s Grunge with 70’s Guitar Hero rock n’ roll, think of The Absolute as the soundtrack and preparedness kit for your life’s journey."

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For inquiries, contact Archie Castillo (MGMT)


Hailing from all corners of the US, lead singer Phil Ross, drummer Anthony Lopez, guitarists Ashton Likes and Michael Pozzi, and bassist Ryan Driscoll form The Absolute. Their first full length album Grow (2014) is their latest project, and will be released with San Diego based Randm Records. Produced by Mike Butler, Grow centers around how the band members were changing as individuals while also commenting on broader issues and the world around them.

Starting with the folk inspired opening track From This Day Forward to the heavier rock anthems of Seek and You’ll Find and Like I Do, The Absolute is issuing a call to arms. “We’re not telling you what to think”, says Anthony, “We just hope that you will think. So many of the issues surrounding us today have a tendency to be simplified into these very polarizing viewpoints. It’s a lot of black and white and everyone has their own agenda. Hopefully our audience isn’t going to just jump on the band wagon…hopefully they’ll look a little deeper and be moved to find their own voice.” But it’s not all social commentary on Grow. Phil Ross contemplates failed relationships in the infectiously catchy Smile and Bite Your Tongue while also turning more introspective, reflecting on one’s own failures and legacy on the hauntingly beautiful tracks No Wonder and Grow.

In between sessions at the Lost Ark Studio, the band has been performing frequently at renowned LA rock clubs - Hotel Cafe, The Satellite, Bootleg Bar, and Silverlake Lounge among others. But the Absolute’s concert is more than a performance. “What we try to encourage through our live show is an open, creative environment,” Phil says, “A platform to expand your mind. We’re here to challenge you: the absolute art, the absolute love, the absolute life; do everything all the way… and Grow."

For inquiries, contact Archie Castillo (MGMT)