We dig into the deepest and most raw space within ourselves when we say it - thank you. With your support, love, friendship, community, and trust, The Absolute was an entity as equally yours as it was ours. Now, we've decided to move on to future endeavors, as individuals and artists. We cannot thank you enough for the memories and experiences; it means everything.

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"Always sweat, and blood if needed, when they perform – absolutely."

"They play for the record sales they deserve and not the sales they have. It’s the war chanting of rock music’s last defenders. It’s the band that will play a full set and end with a ten minute spot on homage of War Pigs.

You don’t need them to tell you their influences, because you hear it in their music. They feed on the same ambrosia Zeppelin and Oasis did. They don’t play like their heroes. Rather, The Absolute channel the same force their heroes did so that when they play, it is familiar but completely original. They have this effortless attitude that only comes from behind the scenes grinding to bring balance to the rock universe. For all the shitty bands, one truly authentic rock band, a band that lives and breathes their art, can even it all out. Or in The Absolute’s way of things, play so fucking powerfully that you can’t hear anything that sucks.

When the question was put to them and they had to choose between the music they felt in them or go along with a label that had their own visions, The Absolute kept to their vision and with their latest EP, Time Will Tell, proved it was a decision well made.

The band is made up of Phil Ross, who is from SoCal and not Staffordshire, England, illustrating the range of voice he has developed, Mike Pozzi shreds harder on guitar than anyone you’ve ever seen, Ryan Driscoll’s slamming bass, and Anthony Paul Lopez pounding drums which gives the band’s music its backbone.

But it is more than just their music. The Absolute provide one of those rare pleasures in the world of getting to watch people who are supremely talented and committed to their art practice it for you."

- Chris Camargo, Music Journalist, Yay! LA Magazine


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